Viking for a day: deep in the heart of Texas

Have you ever heard of an Althing? Used historically in Iceland, it was a coming-together of Viking peoples in a sort of town meeting where grievances could be brought and justice meted out, goods bought and sold, and time taken for fun and games.

The recreated Althing I attended last Saturday, held outdoors at a nature center east of San Antonio, Texas, drew over a hundred SCA members (Society for Creative Anachronism) from Texas and Oklahoma, the states which make up the “Kingdom of Ansteorra.” As a first-time visitor I was careful to dress the part in a borrowed costume of long under-dress and long over-apron, complete with the requisite breast brooches and hanging chains. I felt thoroughly “period,” as they say in SCA.

The central meeting area, ringed with tents, pavilions and even a small Viking longship, featured armed clashes between steel-helmeted men clad in heavy cloaks, sweating in the Texas sun. I was more attracted to the gentler arts of Norse embroidery, nalbinding ( a form of one-needle knitting using felted wool thread) and a very informative session on writing skaldic poetry. Vikings with more strength and stamina could tackle metal working, wood carving, blacksmithing and wire weaving.

A boasting contest was also offered, in praise of King Ulstead the Unsteady and his consort, Queen Ebergardis. This pair held court before the evening’s great feast, dispensing awards and honors to those who had done notable service to the “Barony of Bjornsborg.”

Throughout the event I felt as if I had stepped into a time machine, emerging to join in the life of a Viking gathering. It was a unique experience, one I shall long remember: my chance to be a “Viking for a day.”


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  1. Ciarnat

    Your rich descriptions of the SCA Viking Althing, hosted by the Barony of Bjornsborg (San Antonio), helped me understand what took place at the event and I wished I’d had the opportunity to attend, as well. As a person who is not a fan of working on my own needlework, the classes on woodcarving & wire weaving would have been fun to sit in on.
    We are glad you contacted the SCA and are the most thrilled you joined in on the fun and became a “Viking for a day”!

    In Service to Kingdom of Ansteorra & Barony of The Stargate,

    HL Ciarnat of Firethorn

    May 19, 2011 at 9:55 pm

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