Woden’sday Special: runestone hits the road

An image of the Kensington Runestone, discovered in 1898 in a farmer’s field near Kensington, MN, will soon be featured on the side of U-Haul trucks across the U.S. The stone describes the massacre of 10 Swedish and Norwegian explorers in the year 1362. Now housed in a local museum, the stone has been called a hoax, and yet was featured on a History Channel documentary in 2009.

U-Haul takes no position on the stone’s authenticity. The company is using the image as part of its “Venture Across America” campaign, with Minnesota as one of the states represented. According to a company spokesperson, “honoring Minnesota will challenge everyone to learn more about Viking adventures, and decide for themselves whether or not the proof is etched in stone.” Hear! Hear!

(Facts taken from May 29 article in Minneapolis Star Tribune.)


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