“To Blog or Not to Blog…”

How does one survive when NOT hooked up to their “life support system”?? Of course I’m referring to my computer connection to email, Twitter, Facebook, website and blog!!

Talk about primitive!  Here in the “far North” of Canada (well, just across the border) I can only get dial-up Internet, because the rocks and trees interfere with more sophisticated signals. With this system, frustration abounds. For example, I can see gmails (i.e. Google) but can’t open them. Forget anything with lots of visuals, so Facebook is out, and so is Twitter. I can open AOL emails, however, and send messages. And finally…I can access www.wordpress.com to send out my weekly blog. Hurrah!

Wait a minute. I’m up here at the cabin in the first place to work on my second novel, # 2 in the Women of Beowulf series. Shouldn’t I be writing rather than blogging? Decisions, decisions. I must admit that I need that face time with my computer screen as much as I need my morning cup of coffee! So what’s the problem? Why not sit down and begin?

I’m a writer who puts down her first draft on yellow legal pads, written in ink. Only after extensive editing and revision do I commit it to computer. Old-fashioned? Yes, but it works for me. WOW! I just wrote my blog!

Footnote: speaking of blogs, go to www.rabidreads.com and look at the Midnight Summer Festival entry for July 15th. Yours truly. Enjoy.


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