Closing the Cabin

Summer at Lake of the Woods in Ontariio, Canada, is coming to an end for this island dweller. Days are shorter, nights are cooler, the white pelicans that once flocked to our rock have been replaced by black cormorants. It happens every year. So does another dreaded activitiy: closing the cabin.

Long experience has taught us to set aside three days for this project. We have a checklist of 77 items to be completed, and our checklist grows longer every year. Any item left unchecked can be a cause for grief when we return next spring. Here is a sample of our list:

* Pack and haul trash, garbage and recycling (this is an island, remember?)

* Remove temperature sensitive materials (-65 degrees last winter)

* Drain all supply side plumbing

* Turn off electric panel

* Fog all cylinders and carburetors on outboard motors

* Put stabilizer in gas cans

* Remove fire extinguishers from cabin and boats

* Clean ashes from parlour stove

* Fill firewood box with starter paper, kindling and split logs

* Set out mouse poison in cabin

* Tether floating dock to shore and boathouse

* Add wire covers to boat seats (to foil squirrels, etc.)

* Take down boathouse phone line

* Drain and store washing machine in workshop

* Take home sheets and pillowcases to launder

* Plug in cell phone night before departure

* Cancel Internet connectiion

* Leave cabin doors unlocked and post sign” “No alcohol, guns or electronics” (remember the -65 degrees?)

Whew! Time to get busy!


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